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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

To hire a ride via our website,, Our valuable customers must agree to the terms and conditions and tick the checkbox. Please read the conditions mentioned very carefully before agreeing. Moreover if you are booking a car for someone else, this process is of the same importance. You are representing that You have to accept these terms and conditions on their behalf.


Booking: the booking of a VIP car or minibus through this website.

PHO: Private Hire Operator company with whom You place the Booking.

PHO T&C: the terms and conditions of the PHO which in addition to these Terms govern the Booking and (Trip).

Card: the credit, debit or charge card, You use when making the Booking.

Cash: the payment You make for the Fare to the PHO and/or its Driver.

Details: the details which You must provide upon making a Booking including pick-up date and time, pick-up and drop-off addresses and Your Personal Data.

Fare: the amount of money paid by You for the Quote You accept.

Quote: a fixed price that You receive via the Website for the Trip.

Terms: these terms and conditions between SM Chauffeur and You.

Website: SM Chauffeur’s public website at

You: means the person who is booking Chauffeur.

Executive Vehicle: is a premium Vehicle made available for pre-booked Trips, in compliance with the requirements of relevant Licensing Authorities.


The cancellation of a website is totally your right. If you have to cancel a ride because of any reason, you need to inform us timely through one of our contact us methods.

In case of cancellation, you must be aware of our cancellation policy according to which:

Before 72 Hours= Full refund

After 72 Hours= 20% Cutting

After 48 Hours= 50% Cutting

Cancellation in last hour= No refund


This agreement is only reserved for the booking purpose and is between the user of this website and the owner. It does not create any sort of partnership or relationship between the user and the company or any other person.


This Agreement is made in English. In case you can’t understand English. The page can be translated into any language.


SM Chauffeurs only work in UK.


This Agreement is governed and must be interpreted in accordance with the law of Cyprus.


This agreement is essential and any party who do not agree to this agreement can not take benefit of any part of it.


Users of this website have to agree that the company can send notifications and can communicate with him.By this means that we can notify you via email or our operator can contact you through the registered email.


Agreement will be from the time you get registered on the website till the termination of your registration. Company has right to terminate this agreement for any reason without notifying you before or giving you any reason. The reason for the termination will be based on any of your actions against the company policies.


  1. Make sure you provide us with correct location details and personal information, in case of any mistake you would be responsible.
  2. You must be 18 years old to legally book a vehicle with SM Chauffeurs.
  3. SM Chauffeurs have the rights to refuse or cancel any Bookings which you want to make or You have already made, and in such case, we refund your full fee paid by you.
  4. Your details and related information like your reviews regarding the use of our services will be recorded but your personal data shall not.
  5. If You do not want SM Chauffeurs to use Your email address to send information concerning matters other than those related to Your Booking, You should send a message to and insert “unsubscribe” as the subject heading.


  1. SM Chauffeurs have the right to terminate the trip if any of your act cause disruption or affect the safety of you or Chauffeur.
  2. Passengers are not permitted to take alcoholic drinks onto the vehicles for the purpose of consuming them during the Trip.
  3. SM Chauffeurs have the right to refuse the ride of a person who is addicted to alcohol or is drunk.


  1. SM Chauffeurs do not take money, security, any jewelry or illegal things under English Law.
  2. SM Chauffeurs is not responsible for any loss due to breakdown, accident, adverse weather conditions.
  3. SM Chauffeurs is not responsible for late arrival or any cancellation of trip in case of Act or circumstance beyond its control (including, without limitation, any strike, (official or not) lock-out or other form of industrial action or labour dispute, governmental regulations, legal restrictions, embargoes, fire, flood, Act of God, any consequence of riot, war, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities (whether war be declared or not) civil war, acts of terrorism, rebellion or military or usurped.


  1. If you have any of the complaints you can contact us directly via (by phone or email) to resolve this with them within 24 hours of the Agreed Time.
  2. Use one of our contact us ways to inform us about the complaint within 72 hours. In the event that you fail to do so, any claim you might otherwise have shall be invalidated.


SM Chauffeurs is not responsible for any damage that occurred to your goods. It is Your exclusive responsibility to have such Goods insured in respect of such damage or loss.


  1. when you enter the pickup and drop off location. Our operator will provide you with the Quote according to the distance you are traveling. You can check it out before booking.
  2. Your Booking is not confirmed until you see the confirmation screen on the Website. Ultimately you are responsible for the mistakes in the details provided by you.
  3. Before booking a chauffeur it is requested to you that you need to accept all the conditions and terms of this website.
  4. If you have any extra requirements like child seating or if you need refreshments you need to tell us earlier while booking.
  5. SM Chauffeurs reserves the right to correct typographical errors in any elements of the information that appears on the Website including pricing mistakes. If once You are informed of such error, You wish to withdraw Your offer and do not wish to proceed with the purchase, You shall be free to do so and any monies already paid by You will be refunded in full.


  1. If you choose “pay by card” you agree to pay while booking.If you select “Pay in cash” You will pay cash to Chauffeur.
  2. Once you confirm your booking you cannot cancel.However SM Chauffeur has right to cancel or refuse any booking for any reason. In this case, refund will take place according to our cancelation policies.
  3. If paying by Card, in the event that Your Card payment is refused by Your Card issuer for whatever reason, SM Chauffeurs will not be able to fulfill Your Booking.
  4. SM Chauffeurs will provide You with a receipt for Payment by email to the email address you registered with the booking.
  5. Payment will not cover any extra requirements you request, such as child seats. If you do not indicate any additional luggage when booking, resulting in a larger size vehicle being required, then the Chauffeur may charge you extra, which you must pay them directly for.
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