Horrible Incident in London

London Bridge attack – London Bridge station

November 29, 2019

London Bridge attack – London Bridge station which is most popular place in London, has been seen stabbing attack is treated by police as a “terror attack” around 14:00GMT on November 29.  There seen several men attacking one man and that man shot by police there. In the video a man in a suit and jacket could be seen running from that man having knife in his hand, which might be snatched by the suspect person. Police evacuated the London Bridge station and surrounding after incident and directed the people to use alternative track for transport. Some people over there seemed distressed after the incident. Scotland Yard also declared it as a terror-related as the dead man was wearing a fake suicide vest. But the circumstances related attack is unclear but official said that suspect have explosive device. So it was cleared latter as a terrorist one. The police shouted twice “stop moving” before shooting that man according to witnesses. . Firstly the suspect man was seen live as his movement can be shown on video before shot. There seen a panic scene when people get frightened, started screaming and running for their survival as shots were fired by armed police on the station. After that police refused to disclose any information regarding the incident. This was a knife attack and 5 to 7 people get injured. Resources claims that it was a terror attack. High security alert is being observed there after the incident

The London assistant commissioner for emergency kept aware everyone to avoid this route for one or two days as there is chance of heavy traffic because people are protesting against the incident. Number of people could be seen on London Bridge station. Public also advised to be vigilant if they see any suspect activities in the area must complaint to the police to avoid any such incident that cause any distress. Similarly if someone has any information regarding this  attack must keep informing on the given websites. The public advised to be patient regarding London Bridge attack as the information will be disclosed latter in front of public after complete investigation by the Government and investigating agencies. Both emergency and metropolitan police were appreciated for quick response.

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