boxing day 2019, London

Boxing Day 2019, London

The festive fun does not end with Christmas in London. Yes! Boxing Day 2019, a day that is now celebrated throughout England and the one day in the year that people are sure to go shop-crazy! There is no public transport on Christmas Day, and a reduced service on Boxing Day and the Christmas bank holidays. If you are planning to visit different shopping places in England this year, make sure to book Boxing Day private hire chauffeur. Most of the people go shopping with their friends and family and spend their night out. SM Chauffeurs provide boxing day 8 seater private hire for people going shopping in groups. Night out on Boxing Day 2019

No one knows exactly why Boxing Day is called a boxing day. Two famous theories related to the name are:

• some claiming that a box was used in churches to collect donations for the poor at Christmas
• Other states it’s a day to ‘box’ away all of your gifts ready for the New Year.
Boxing Day is a very important event in England because of huge sales of different brands. People start coming as early as 3:00am in the morning, waiting outside the stores. The only problem that they face is transportation because public transport is reduced. Also due to congestion you cannot take the risk of driving by yourself. Boxing Day private hire chauffeur services are serving a lot during this festive season.
SM Chauffeurs provides Boxing Day 8 seater private hire for the family travel which is the most loved service by customers. Boxing Day 8 seater private hire is very capacious and our Professional Chauffeurs will help you out in accommodation of your shopping bags as well.
If you are planning on shopping at night or a party night out on Boxing Day 2019, pre book required ride at SM Chauffeurs. This will keep you away from hassle of getting a taxi or cab on the actual day and you will not miss sales of your choice.

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